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Database Administration (DBA) Services:

Due to the globalisation organizations have pressure in producing and maintaining qualitative products to sustain their position in the economic landscape. The services provided by Database administration services are secure, reliable and cost effective.

ACT has a pool of experts in Oracle DBA with them to work as per the client requirement. With the help of our personalized services we will help the Oracle technology using organizations in securing your database. Oracle Database Administration is the most effective administration service which helps in maintaining secured and progressive database. Oracle Database Administration services are mostly includes regular backup,security and progressive. At ACT we take care of all your Oracle Database concerns.

Features of Oracle DBA Services are

  • Installing, creating and upgrading an Oracle database service
  • Managing Database Storage
  • User security administration and implementing Oracle database security
  • Managing schema objects
  • Configuring Oracle Network Environment
  • Performing database backups and recovery
Database Design Service

Zurpa is a mobile application which helps you to list out the shopping needs. The uses of this app can create a list of shopping needs so that they can't miss the items which you want to buy.It also comes with an easy tracker of all the items sold and not sold and shopping at different stores.


It is the detailed data model process approach of a database. The main purpose of Oracle database is to store and recover information related to it. We at ACT offers valuable database design services to our customers as per their requirement which supports to optimize their business needs

ACT has a team of professionals to work as per the needs of the client. In these days most of the clients are facing downtime and Uptime threads of a data base which impacts the growth of database. Oracle database service is the most advanced relational database management system. Oracle database is variable, secured and highly dependable.

  • Database design and configuration
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database Maintenance
  • Monitoring and incident management
  • Database tuning
Database Management Services: DB & Database based application

The responsibility of database management services team is an Accelerator database service which supports accelerated database applications. An experiment Database service which supports to Oracle based services in the physics community in different ways.

  • Maximum uptime and protection
  • Expert care and support
  • Total data protection
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