Matkuna QTC

Matkuna is a Sanskrit word of Bug. Matkuna QTC is a bug tracking tool. MatkunaQTC is the Best tracking system to raise and track any kind of issues in your project(s).

High level Features of Matkuna QTC:
  • Cloud based Bug Tracking System.
  • Quick Entry - Enables you to report an issue in less than half minute.
  • Zero setup cost
  • Zero Hardware cost
  • Zero server maintenance cost.
  • Easy maintenance
  • In built Business Intelligence.
  • No worry of back ups.
  • Mirroring server for a quick restore of the system.
  • Cost Efficient & High Quality compared to any other bug tracking system.
  • Flexible
  • Reports
  • Supports Multiple Projects
  • Multiple Filters. Ex: Filter the issues based on the status.
  • Email Notifications for every status change / updates.
  • Issue reminders.
  • Quick Implementation
  • Interface capability.
  • Customizable.
  • Suitable for small to large scale IT projects.
Who Can use Matkuna QTC:
  • Testers - They can test their product and raise issues along with any notes and/or screenshots in Matkuna QTC.
  • Lead / Coordinators - They can monitor the work load and assign it to the developers using Matkuna QTC.
  • Developers - They can resolve the issues in their product and update the status with notes and screenshots etc in Matkuna QTC.
  • Project Managers - They monitor/track status of the issues, workload, followup and overall status of project using Matkuna QTC.
  • Senior Level Managers - Senior Level managers can also use this tool to see the overall status of the project(s) and is useful for strategic decision making.
  • External Vendors - Vendors can also be given access for any of the issue related activities.
  • Customers - Customers can use this tool as part of their UAT and raise the issues. They can also see the overall status of the issues in their project.
Why Matkuna QTC:

With Matkuna QTC it is very easy and efficient to track, manage & report issues on projects. For pricing and other information about Matkuna QTC visit Try Matkuna QTC at and experience the above features.

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