Lead Tracking

Lead tracking system is a cloud based system developed by ACT Team. Lead Tracking system is supportive portal to employer to track all the leads information in the particular organization.

Employer can track all the leads information at one place. At some instances employee leaves the organization unexpectedly, at that moment organization loses data which is with the employee. Lead Tracking System developed to prevent from losing data and to support employer.

  • Cloud Based
  • Quick Entry Enables you to add the majority of the Lead Information using a single box.
  • Easy Access
  • No Lead are lost when someone quits
  • High Priority leads can be followed up with someone else when the assignee is on leave.
  • Status Monitoring of the Leads
  • Evaluate the performance of your team on Leads
  • Single place for all kind of leads
  • Secure Access Control enables you to hide the lead information from other team members if required.
  • Easy follow up.
  • Less maintenance cost.
  • Business Intelligence

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