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The “Mobile application” is a computer application designed to run in the mobile devices and tablets. Everyone getting benefits from mobile apps knowingly or unknowingly.

The demand for mobile apps is growing like anything these days with easily available mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets. ACT is committed to spend more efforts in to this evolving field.

There are three kinds of mobile apps.

1.Native or inbuilt mobile apps,for example most of us use alarm and reminders in our phones,which are inbuilt applications of mobile.

2.Web app- These are real websites,which are downloaded from different websites in mobile. These apps will run on typical HTML5 Scripts.

3. Hybrid app- These are part of native and web apps.

ACT has a dedicated proven expertise in providing solutions in diversified sectors. It expanded its streams into mobile applications as well.

  • ACT has skilled and proven technical professionals in mobile applications.
  • Cross functional mobile app development
  • Technology Trends
  • Consultative
  • Strategic approach
  • Innovative
  • Android , iOS and Windows
  • Native or WebApp or Hybrid

Zurpa, Katida are some of the mobile apps developed by Anantha. Zurpa and Katida are Sanskrit words which mean,cart and count respectively. We also developed several android apps targeting the children


Zurpa is a mobile application which helps you to list out the shopping needs. The uses of this app can create a list of shopping needs so that they can't miss the items which you want to buy.It also comes with an easy tracker of all the items sold and not sold and shopping at different stores.


Katida represents counter. Katida is a mobile app which helps you to track the counter. With the single click on volume button we can increment the value. For example, if you want to count the number of breaks by driver while driving or if you want to count the number of turnings in your journey, you can track this with single click on your mobile volume button.

Anantha CyberTech provide mobile application development services along with web design & development services. ACT also offer Database maintenance services for managing clients data securely.

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