Anantha CyberTech, a IT Service Provider company introduced the service called “ swalpa.in ” in July 2014.

Swalpa is the sanskrit word which means “Short”. “ swalpa.in ” is a customized URL shortening service, a web service that provide short names for redirect the long URLs, so that customers and also SEO based companies would be able to link directly to their postings and links that frequently had long and difficult to remind addresses.

SEO Friendly URL:

swalpa.in is URL shortener web-service, which index page includes a form to change long URL into short. These URLs are SEO friendly URL, customers can set their short URL according to their topics or keywords.

Tracking Service:

The website also offers the tracking services for every short URL. Customers can track their short URL status by creating account and can maintain history. Also without login customers can see recent short URLs and their hits in homepage itself.

Without sign-in customers can create their short URLs:

swalpa.in provide the facility to create short URL without sign-up or sign-in with account.

Share your Swalpa with Social Media:

swalpa.in provide the facility to share the Short URL with different social media accounts. Tracking short URL history and sharing short URL with social media are the most beneficial facilities to the SEO companies, who wants to promote their services, as well as their clients' services in between different online marketing networks

Maintain Private & Public URLs:

Customers, mainly SEO companies can take control of their long URL now. It gives a easy way to make understand and share URLs to others. You can connect the world by using single short URL.

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