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Anantha Cybertech Pvt Ltd (Hereinafter to be referred to as "Recruitment Consultant") a registered corporate entity under the Indian Companies Act 1956, having its principal place of business at, Plot.04, Sai Anurag Colony, Bachupally, Hyderabad 500 090. India.

Anantha Cybertech Pvt Ltd introduces candidates to The Client (Who is down loading profiles or CVs or Resumes provided by Anantha Cybertech Pvt Limited ) on the understanding of Man power requirement sent by The Client (who is down loading profiles or CVs or resumes provided by Anantha Cybertech Pvt Limited) for Both Contract to Hire and for Permanent Positions.

If you are not Agreed to these below legal terms and conditions or any other agreement preceding to this date , do not down load the profile or CVs.

1. The Client undertakes to notify Anantha Cybertech immediately upon agreeing to engage a Candidate introduced by Anantha Cybertech and the terms of the engagement. The Client agrees and undertakes to pay Anantha Cybertech a Placement Fee amounting to a percentage of the gross annual salary.

2. The Placement Fee will be equal to 8.33% (Exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes ) of the gross annual salary for all levels of management The Gross Annual Salary excludes the variable components offered to the Permeant Candidate. Applicable Tax would be charged on the placement fee as per the government rules (Taxable Services: Manpower Recruitment Agency). And 30% - 50% will be the placement fee of the gross annual salary for the requirement of Contract to Hire (C2H) and will be paid every month.

3. The payment has to be made by cheque/Online in favour of “Anantha Cybertech Pvt Ltd” or As per The Client ( who is down loading profiles or CVs or resumes provided by Anantha Cybertech Pvt limited ) Availability.

4. An invoice will be sent to The Client after 15 days upon commencement of employment and Placement Fee is payable within 60 days from the date of joining of the candidate.

5. Introductions are confidential. If Anantha Cybertech introduces a candidate to The Client( who is down loading profiles or CVs or resumes provided by Anantha Cybertech Pvt limited) then introduces to another third party, who engage the Candidate on either a full-time basis or as a contract, The Client (who is down loading profiles or CVs or resumes provided by Anantha Cybertech Pvt limited ) agrees and undertakes to pay The Placement Fee.

6. Whilst every endeavor is made by Anantha Cybertech to introduce satisfactory candidates to the Client, it is the responsibility of The Client to satisfy themselves for the suitability of an applicant before engaging them.

7. If invoices are settled and due to any reason Candidate resigns within 90 days of joining then a free replacement for the same position will be provided.

Note: If the candidate either not employed with the client or the candidate is dropped it is only the responsibility of the client to intimate the same to Anantha Cybetech Pvt Ltd with immediate effect, and the same should be acknowledged by Anantha Cybertech Authorized Person otherwise The Client is responsible to make the payment of the invoice which is raised on the particular candidate.

8. No variation in these Terms and Conditions may be made without prior written agreement from Anantha Cybertech.

9. The term of this Agreement will be for a 1-year period with the ability of either party to terminate this agreement with a one-month notice period at any time, with an undertaking to settle all dues with each other, as part of the termination process.

10. Client shall be responsible for paying any and all Fees owed to Anantha Cybertech Pvt Ltd under this Agreement.

11. All solicitations are subjected to Rangareddy Jurisdiction only.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement on the date stated above.

On behalf of Anantha Cybertech Pvt Ltd

Name: Ravi Padimarri

Title : Director

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